The IHRN Expert Database


Below is an outline of

  • IHRN's expert database, how it functions, how to join
  • Current EC Framework Contract tender process that presents opportunities for independent consultants
  • Current IHRN Internship recruitment

IHRN's expert database & how to join

IHRN undertakes own-initiative activities as well as commissioned assignments for states, UN agencies, EC and NGOs. To promote positive change IHRN deploys individual experts and teams from a range of disciplines.  

Experts on the Network database propose initiatives or they may be invited to provide consultancy services to IHRN. Assignments vary in duration (days, months, years) and location (deskwork, overseas).

IHRN Teams are supported by the IHRN core team in applying human rights based approaches tailored to each assignment.        

Pro-bono: Individuals who have undertaken paid work with IHRN are invited to allocate a modest amount of desk-based pro bono time to support IHRN's  partners in developing countries. Examples include providing feedback on a project proposal by an NGO or career/education advice to individuals being supported by IHRN. 

Who can join: The database is open to state and non-state officials, practitioners, academics, policy-makers and consultants, who share a a commitment to promoting human rights change.

Areas of expertise:The database invites national and international experts in the following areas to register:

  • Agriculture
  • Children/Youth
  • Civil Society
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corruption/Governance
  • Discrimination/minorities
  • Donor policies/procedure
  • Education (formal/informal)
  • Elections/democratisation
  • Environment
  • Finance
  • Food security
  • Gender/G based violence
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Humanitarian emergencies
  • Humanitarian law/int’l crime
  • Human Rights standards– ESC
  • Human Rights standards – CPR
  • Infrastructure
  • Justice (criminal/civil)
  • Labour
  • Livelihoods/poverty
  • Media/access to information
  • Microfinance
  • National Human Rights Institutions
  • Peace Processes/conflict analysis
  • Peacekeeping (civilian/military/police)
  • Privatisation
  • Public Administration
  • Public Participation (nat’l/ local)
  • Security/military reform
  • Social Services
  • Social Exclusion
  • Trafficking in people
  • Water/other resources         

How to register: The IHRN database is currently being improved, so until 30 May 2013, if you wish to receive automated up-dates, you are welcome to email us your CV (attention of Rachel Ryan at this email address; or you can complete your registration on the database.

To register on the database, click on the box above for steps 1 to 4. The final stage involves up-loading your CV in the standard format required by the EC. You may wish to prepare this before up-loading it on-line, so guidance for completing the required CV format is available here. If you are interested in assignments in French or Spanish, the French CV template or the Spanish CV template are used.

Up-dates : Experts are encouraged to keep their contact details and CVs up-dated, using their unique login details.

Data protection: Personal data provided to IHRN is treated with security and confidentiality, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, 1988 and the Data Protection (Amendment) Act, 2003. Information is used for the administration of the IHRN database and is only shared with third parties when considering an individual 's application for a specific assignment.
Queries: should be sent to: Rachel Ryan at with “IHRN opportunities” in the subject heading. 

EC commissioned services - new tender 2013

Since 2009, IHRN's consortium was successfully selected by the EC to provide services under a multi-year framework contract called 'Lot 7 Governance & Home Affairs'.

The system of Framework Contracts provides the European Union with a simplified and rapid system for selecting experts for a large number of consultant services, without having to go through the complex process of a full public tender each time. Assignments are generally short-term and typically range from a few weeks to few months. Within this framework, IHRN is routinely invited to provide expertise for missions in all countries benefiting from the EC’s external aid. The areas covered by Lot 7 range from justice sector reform, police, security sector reform, support to civil society, elections and Parliament etc (details of those Lot7 areas are here).

IHRN has been commissioned by its consortium to provide Quality Assurance Management (QAM) for Lot 7. IHRN is responsible for designing and ensuring all its systems and procedures are optimised to deliver the best quality independent advice for the EC.

We are delighted to have been again short-listed by the EC in Spring 2013 for the new Lot 7 Tender process that will operate to 2017.

In preparation for the final stage of that Tender process, we are now selecting a sample set of CVs demonstrating the range of expertise we can call on in the range of subject areas covered by Lot 7.

Next steps: If you are interested in being considered for:

  • Inclusion in the ‘IHRN Tender sample pool of experts’ -  please email us an updated version of your CV in EC Format detailing specific experience relevant to Lot 7. Please put ‘Lot 7 Tender’ in the subject heading. You may also be sent other alerts regarding IHRN work opportunities  where relevant to your profile.
  • IHRN Experts are invited to express interest in specific Lot7 assignments as they arise and are contacted through the IHRN database above.